About ACD

Atlantic Catch Data Limited (ACD) is an independent monitoring company that has provided commercial fishery and marine science services to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the private sector since 1990. After more than two decades of providing third party monitoring services in Canada, ACD is the only company that provides full service coverage for fishing ports in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

ACD has a staff of 100 employees which include Field Technicians, Marine Biologists, Fishery experienced Administrative Staff, Technical/Engineering Support and Government Trained/Certified Observers and Monitoring Professionals.  Our Head Office is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and our Operations Center is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  We have regional offices located in Pictou and Sydney, Nova Scotia and in Grand Bank, Newfoundland.  ACD is well established to provide flexible monitoring coverage in all the key regions across Atlantic Canada.

ACD specializes in the following service areas:

  • Dockside Monitoring:  ACD provides independent catch verification, data collection, auditing and reporting services to the commercial fisheries.
  • Port Sampling and Grading:  ACD provides the collection of biophysical samples and assessment functions for government programs, fish harvesters and fish processers.
  • Inspection Services:  ACD provides fishery inspection and reporting services on raw and processed products.
  • At Sea Observers:  ACD provides certified observers who are deployed on the vessel.  These observers document fishing effort data and provide sampling functions during the fishing trip.
  • Data Collection Programs:   ACD provides various data collection services in support of commercial fisheries management; such as fishing logs, fish tags, catch information, etc.
  • Environmental Alerts:  ACD provides environmental alert services to many government agencies and local stakeholders.


ACD Environmental Policy

Atlantic Catch Data is committed to delivering the smallest environmental footprint that is reasonably possible. We have integrated eco-friendly best practices throughout our organization and continually look for new ways to become more environmentally efficient.  Read more about our environmental policy.


Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

Any equipment operated by ACD uses high-octane fuel to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. When traveling to wharves or to project sites, ACD has worked to reduce excessive travel time both on and off the water, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Atlantic Catch Data has our offices and project nodes centrally located to the work required in the region, which cuts down on excessive travel.

Cleaning Products

Atlantic Catch Data uses environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible. Especially when cleaning the sampling equipment, work trucks, trailers and other field equipment, eco-friendly cleaning solutions is used to ensure no harmful chemicals are released into the surrounding environment.

Use of Recycled Products

All Atlantic Catch Data field logbooks, sample forms, tally sheets and laboratory sample submission forms are printed on recycled paper. Where possible, Atlantic Catch Data uses tablets as the secondary form of data back-up, reducing paper use. All training books, procedure manuals, paper charts, equipment lists, roster sheets, emergency action plans, or other hard copies are printed on recycled paper. All paper waste used by ACD is recycled.

Energy Saving Practices

Atlantic Catch Data’s main office at 1801 Hollis St is committed to energy saving practices. Energy efficient lights are used, along with motion sensors to automatically dim lights when they are not needed. Where possible, Atlantic Catch Data field personnel use accommodations that have energy efficient lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, and water saving practices, whenever possible.




1801 Hollis Street,
Suite 1220
Halifax, NS

Phone: (902) 422-4745
Fax: (902) 422-9780

New England

4 Parker Street, 2nd Floor
Gloucester, MA
USA 01930

1-888-477-4245 (HAIL)

Phone: (902) 749-5107
Fax: (902) 749-4552


32 Hawthorne Street
Yarmouth, NS

1-888-477-4245 (HAIL)

Phone: (902) 749-5107
Fax: (902) 749-4552


32 Hawthorne Street
Yarmouth, NS

1-888-477-4245 (HAIL)

Phone: (902) 749-5107
Fax: (902) 749-4552


PO Box 1664
Pictou, NS

1-888-477-4245 (HAIL)

Phone: (902) 485-4683
Fax: (902) 485-8242